CLP’s whole reason for being is to help our learners to achieve that lightbulb moment, and reap the benefits that lifelong learning brings. Apart from learning new skills, our courses and project help with confidence, friendships and positive well-being. They can also create pathways into volunteering, further learning and employment. We hope you’ll find inspiration here from our learners’ stories and achievements.

Emma's story

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Art Journalling and Well-being

This year, CLP has been involved in a BIS-funded project to see how effective community learning can be at improving the well-being of adults.  So, with Hertfordshire Adult and Family Learning Service (HAFLS) as our lead provider, we ran a series of arts and crafts projects branded as 'Crafts to Calm the Mind'.

Let Emma inspire you!

Emma participated in our very first art journalling course, which we ran at No 96 in Borehamwood, taught by our mixed media teacher, Paula Watkins.  Emma was having difficulty carving out 'me-time' in her life, and the skills she learned really helped her to unwind by doing something creative. HAFLS filmed Emma at one of the sessions, and she explains in her own words what a difference that taking part has made in her life

Art Journalling's good for you - official

Art journalling allows us to combine creativity with our thoughts and feelings, so taking part is a wonderful, artistic outlet to express our hopes and fears.  It is now one of CLP's most popular courses, and we've set up a self-organised group, The Journalling Junkies, which currently meets every other week on a Thursday evening from 7pm - 9.30 pm at St Martin's in South Oxhey.

The group has been so successful that we've actually won a HAFLS Award in the group category in the 2016 Festival of Learning!

Become a Journalling Junkie!

If you would like to learn how to art journal, or even join the Journalling Junkies, just drop an email to Elizabeth Borg at  You can find out when we'll be meeting in our FaceBook group, and if you're not already a member, just request to join up and we'll add you. The group is really friendly and welcoming, and there's lots of sharing of ideas and resources!  We've also planned some masterclasses for the new term.   Here's the url:

     The first ever Journalling Junkie meet-up!

New course dates 

We'll be announcing dates of new courses in the Three Rivers and Hertsmere districts of Hertfordshire very soon!  You can send us an email at if you'd like us to let you know when they're running, or join our CLP Arts & Crafts Courses FaceBook page:

Please support our work

If you would like to support the work of CLP's work, please consider making a small donation by clicking the 'Donate' button at the top right-hand side of the page.  This could be a regular, monthly amount or a one-off gift.  Every little will help us to run courses, self-organised groups and projects at low cost for people who might not otherwise be able to afford it. Your help with be very much appreciated, and would benefit learners directly.  Thank you :-)

What our learners say about our courses...

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Fun with Literacy & Story Time: Georgia & Joane's experience
Story time, is a course that assists parents in un-tapping the "learning gold mine" that is hidden from plain sight. Parents & Children get a chance to bond, and parents learn from the teacher:
  • How to expand children's vocabulary
  • Squeeze in other related topics that fit in with the story
  • exercise counting skills, colour naming, etc.
Parents & their children get a a chance to learn together, be together, have some biscuits and tea, and in the whole process have plenty of fun along the way! ;-)
   See a learner story for yourself:

Fun with Numbers: Over Land & Sea- Calum & Gemma's experience
You would never have guessed that Fun & Numbers could be used in the same sentence! It seems impossible right? - sorry, wrong - but in a good way ;-)
Fun with numbers is rather fun for both parents & children, because of the relaxed & accessible way the course is structured. It helps parents help their children with maths with very accessible techniques that are delivered in a fun & relaxed learning environment.
    See a learner story for yourself:

Fun with Felt: Tristan, Nalini & Insiyah's Experience
Felt making? Fun with Felt? - why on earth would you want to do that? curious learners who took this course have become total felt fanatics. Learners who undertook this course were completely inspired and learned how to make felt artworks, felt bracelets, and felt necklaces.
Hear the learner stories for yourself:

See What Students Made (pictures courtesy of flickr):

For more information about the felt course - click here

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